Friends and Business Partners and Why We Opened Another Small Business

This post is a small glimpse into who we are and why we started Nel & Witt (from "Witt's" perspective).

So, who is Witt? My name is actually Laura Ashley, or just Ash, and my last name is DeWitt. We shortened our last names to come up with "Nel & Witt". Nel is short for Nelson, my business partner and friend, Coryn's last name. We brainstormed a few names for this new business venture and nothing stuck until Coryn presented, "Nel & Witt" and we both loved it, and knew it was the perfect fit.

So, that's how we came up with our business name, but how did we become business partners, and why?

Our story as friends began almost 2 years ago. I'm a California native and lived there all of my life up until my husband's job transferred us to Colorado. We'd always had Colorado on our radar and had considered it as a top place we would consider relocating to if the chance ever arose. When my hub's job gave him a promotional opportunity in Colorado, we jumped. So, we moved here with a brand new 6-month-old baby girl, Ivy, and our 4-year-old daughter, Chloe. We were terrified and excited all in the same breath.

Coryn is a Colorado native and has lived here the majority of her life. She has 3 rambunctious boys and 1 long-awaited little girl. Coryn was literally the very first person I met when I moved here. We'd only been here a couple days when I happened to sit by her in church my first Sunday in Colorado. We had a minute to chat before the meeting started and basically the conversation went a little like this,

A:"Hi, I'm Ashley and this is little Ivy, we're new."

C: "Hi, I'm Coryn, Is Ivy your only little one?"

A: "No, I have a 4-year-old daughter named Chloe, too."

C: "I have a little one named Evie just a couple months older than Ivy! Have you found preschool for Chloe yet? I actually run a private preschool from my home."

A: "No way!? Really? I ran a private preschool in California for the last 8 years!"

C: "What?! Really? Me too! I've been teaching preschool for the last 8 years, too! I also do photography on the side. I love having a creative outlet and being my own boss."

A: "Me too! Haha! I've always done art on the side. I love painting and creating."

C: "Where do you live? Do you need any help unpacking?"

A: "I do need help! That's so kind of you! Here's my address..."

C: "Oh fun! We're neighbors! I only live a few doors down from there!"


As you can see, we hit it off from the very start and have so much in common. It was such a comfort to make an instant friend when we moved here. I guess you could say "the rest is history". We have a lots of similar interests, but we also work really well together. We actually ended-up joining forces teaching preschool last year and again this year. When the idea of a children's boutique arose it only seemed natural that we would do it together. Ideas about gathering inventory and creating our own designs had already been floating  around in our heads, even before we came to each other with the idea to start another business. We've been living and breathing preschool for so many years, and our love and passion for children, design, and the fun we have dressing our little girls made this whole business venture come so naturally. We were both ready for a new creative outlet and something new and exciting to breathe life into in 2017!  Its felt like a meant-to-be friendship from the very beginning and I'm glad we have each other on this journey.

We're both driven by design, have a lot in common, and we're determined and willing to really work hard, but still, why open Nel & Witt? Why open another business? I can only answer that for myself, but I imagine Coryn's response would be similar. There's nothing more thrilling to me than to be able to share my talents to benefit others and myself. I've never felt more fulfilled than when I'm working really truly hard to accomplish something that I believe in. I'm also inspired by my daughters. I want to teach them to love what they do. I want to show them that they can accomplish their goals and make their dreams come to fruition, too! I also want them to see me working with others, to teach them collaboration, and the art of "give and take". There seems to be endless opportunities for learning and development when you're running your own business. I'm hoping my entrepreneurial spirit will wear off on them a bit. I'm hoping they'll learn from my mistakes and in-turn realize that often times mistakes can become an opportunity to learn and improve. So, in short, why do I do it all? Why do I stretch myself so thin? I do it for my girls, I do it for the sense of accomplishment it brings, I do it because I truly love it. I do it because it's a dream coming true. 

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

-Walt Disney

I hope as we embark on this new journey that we'll be able to share snippets of wisdom and inspiration along the way. 


Ashley (aka "Witt")


Evie & Ivy modeling Nel & Witt and adventuring together just like their mamas. 

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